The negative impact that flies (the bad guys) have on the beef industry during the summer is staggering! Horn flies alone cost the beef industry an estimated $1 billion annually according to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Negative Impact of Flies on Cattle

Flies are a threat to your bottom line. They can negatively affect your cattle in many ways.

  • Bunching of animals and changes in grazing patterns – cattle congregate in the driest, dustiest areas to help combat flies and as a result overgraze in those areas, and under-utilize other areas
  • Decreased milk production
  • Reduced weight gain and reduced calf weaning weights

Here at Rio Nutrition we focus our attention on helping ranchers protect their cattle against flies though the summer, thus helping with grazing behaviors and increasing milk production and weight gains. Happy cows make for happy calves and happy ranchers!

The DefenderPAC Difference

Fly Control ProgramThis product offers a breakthrough concept for ranchers that are tired of flies and the impact they have on their herds through the summer months. It also offers relief to those that use a larvacide type product that works well on population control, but does nothing to stop flies from the neighbor’s pasture coming over unhindered to pester your cows and calves.

One of the key benefits of DefenderPac is the way it helps to deter flies, repelling them away from the cattle, defending the cattle against the flies that are present or that have come over form neighbor Joe. Remember, flies hate DefenderPac about as much as ranchers love it!

Here’s a quote from one of our customers.

“I was having the worst ever fly situation that I can remember. I tried the Rio Nutrition DefenderPAC and it went away. The flies were gone!” Montana Rancher

Proper Fly Control Program

The use of a proper fly control program is vital to the health of your cattle. Our product is not a stand-alone. We encourage you to consider the use of these other methods as well, such as:

  • Insecticide Ear Tags
  • Pour-ons
  • Back Rubbers or Oilers

Attack the bad guys from all sides. Using a combination of fly control methods is an effective way to keep your cattle comfortably grazing with no agitation during the summer months, helping mama cow get more nutrients, passing on better nutrients to her calf…resulting in more gain on the calves.

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