Envirotub – The Edible, Biodegradable Tub

Tired of picking up empties?

Envirotub - the edible, biodegradable licktub!

As part of our overall offer to time-conscious, cost-conscious cattlemen, the Envirotub™ – a biodegradable lick tub is an excellent choice.  This edible, biodegradable lick tub is especially useful for large pastures, mountain terrain, and forested pastures.

How does the Envirotub™ help you?  It saves time – you only need to make one trip to put the tubs out, reduces garbage, allows more head per tub with a greater surface area, eliminates those empty lick tubs that always blow away and it is environmentally friendly!  What’s not to like?

This fully biodegradable tub ensures you make only one trip … to set the tubs out .. and never look back!

“Its the end of November and them cows are staying in good shape even with them big calves still at their side. Used some of those Envirotubs and they sure work handy. Don’t even have to worry about picking up empties when we use them.” – Rancher from Sheridan, MT

The Envirotub™ edibile, biodegradable lick tub is available instead of the plastic tub on any of the tub formulas – just talk to a member of the sales team at 888-762-3299 to discuss how the Envirotub™ will work on your ranch!
(Don’t like the idea of a biodegradable tub?  The Riomax® tubs are available in the original orange plastic barrel or the RangeRocket™ lick sled as well – just ask.)

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