Cow / Calf

Cows and calves on Riomax Lick Tubs

Riomax® lick tubs have it all. Delivering a complete and top-notch mineral program is only part of the Riomax® program. Better digestion and getting more “mileage” out of your feed or pasture is a very cost-effective way to get more nutrition delivered to your cows.

This is a smart way to better utilize your feed as well as improve cow condition and performance… all in view of a good calf crop for this calving season and good breeding for the next.

  • Guaranteed Low Consumption
  • Low Cost/HD/Day!
  • Fight Scours
  • Better Breed-Backs
  • Produce Stronger, Healthier Calves
  • Boost Body Condition


“Almost hate to say it, but this is the first time we have never had to treat for cocci, and that is worth time and money!”
– Saskatchewan Cattleman
“Cows look good – even through the cold weather, held condition – I’m plum tickled”
MT Rancher
“I’ve never seen such strong calves – they hit the ground and bounce up within a half hour”
ND Commercial Operation
“Best scour luck in 7 years, which is against the industry trend”
SD Angus Breeder

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