Weaning Testimonials

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“I know this stuff is working on these calves because even with the huge temperature changes we are getting we just have not had one single sick calf!” – Saskatchewan

“Everyone swears that you can’t wean calves over 600# in this country. We weaned 625# calves last fall! I’ve never been able to do that before!” – Wyoming

“The calves are around the tubs licking like crazy. For weaning these calves, these tubs are the ticket.” – Alberta


“I saw it (return on investment) on the calves when they came through that drought with no sickness and heavier than they were supposed to be.” – Wyoming

“Calves did well for about a month, then went off feed & started going backwards, not looking good at all, we were pulling 3-4 hd every day. Put riomax tubs in and those critters turned around in one week! Day and night difference!” – Alberta