Territory Manager

Michael Bond

I love doing what I do…simply helping ranchers make more money, fix issues, and improve the efficiency of their operations. I feel I provide value to my clients as a consultant rather than a salesman.

Rio is really a great place to work. I am based in the Canadian office. Rio is a large group of energetic peoples all trying to help ranchers. There is an awesome culture of accountability. Everyone is working for the rancher to make sure he’s seeing the results he needs, and if there are issues we work with them rather than throwing up our hands in defeat.

Prior to joining the Rio team I worked at a cabinet door shop managing the spray booth, where I was responsible for making sure production ran smoothly.

I have also worked on a ranch/feedlot, where I helped move cows, tore down and built new fences…and I loved the hydraulic wire roller! I worked to process cattle as they came into the feedlot and fed cattle every day with a large mixer wagon. The feedlot cattle got fed a ration of hay, barley, distillers and a supplement, which we dispensed into the feed bunks. It was a lot of fun except when it was 40 below with the wind blowing!

When I’m not at work I enjoy biking, making beef jerky and fishing. Catching walleye out of a nearby lake is a good way to spend a Saturday! I enjoy the outdoors and having cookouts in the Cypress Hills with my family.

I am fascinated by World War II and business books. I am all about being better able to connect with ranchers, understand their needs and to strive to be more effective as a consultant.

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