Customer Care/Admin

Hannah Paskewitz

If you recognize my name, it’s probably because you’ve called into the office, done a live chat on the website, sent us a text, or maybe emailed in to the Customer Care Team. Here at Rio Nutrition I strive to be a personable, positive, and helpful first point of contact.

I am also here to provide administrative support to the team whether it’s building or fixing things on the back end, fixing technical issues inside the company, or setting up and guiding a new employee. Every day is different and I love it that way!

I love the orange culture here, orange means Rio. Everyone is friendly, upbeat, willing to help, and all striving towards the same goal. There’s no way anyone could work here and not have the feeling of being involved, nobody is left at the sidelines. We are a family business that cares!

This is my first job, I graduated in the summer of 2016 and came to Rio with a great sense of accomplishment. I started CAP, a business course, soon after graduation and it has proved to enhance my knowledge in business and help me to see how hard work, determination, and dedication can get you places that once seemed unreachable. The course provided me with insights to every area in a business, and even though I am only a very small building block of the company, I researched every area within Rio. I could see how each department worked together, and what each employee’s roles consisted of. This proved extremely helpful for a fresh employee that previously knew little about the business as a whole.

I come from a family that has been involved in agriculture for generations. I enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s a bonfire at the farm, biking through the park, or soaking up the sun at the beach – and as you know, it’s always better with friends and family. 

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