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Get that mineral where it needs to go.

For over 14 years we have been hearing ranchers sharing their frustrations, with using even the best mineral out there and watching it blow away in the wind, or watching the bull dump it out or frustrated with the fact that it cakes up after the rain.

So, what we’ve done is we have responded to these frustrations and come up with a solution. When you are feeding the best mineral you can ensure it gets where it needs to is getting into the cows.

Insist on the 3 W’s this summer, Wind Proof... Waste Proof...Water Proof

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Summer Mineral Built for Summer

Tub season is over, that is what they all say.

Traditionally speaking they are absolutely correct. However, we always say, Riomax® is a whole different animal. We are not saying we are better then everyone else, we are not saying they are worse, we are just saying we are different, very, very different. So, with that said, The Riomax® tub program is not a tub per say as you would know it.

The Riomax® summer program is summer mineral built for summer. This is a product that is designed with the end game in mind to impact the following:

  • conception rates
  • weight gain on calves
  • fly control
  • grazing management
  • improved digestion
  • reducing heat stress
  • impacting fetal programing

So, when we hear tub season is over, we agree, traditional tub season is over, but conception rates and fly control and forage management season is never over.

Insist on the Riomax® summer program. Summer mineral built for Summer.

Flies are more than just the pesky insect that fly around in the summer time.

Flies have a substantial economic impact in a negative way in the ranching industry. Each summer Flies suck the profits out of ranching operations, and with the Riomax IGR fly control program we ensure we take control,

Taking control helps you reap the benefits of less flies in the following ways:

  • where you get cattle spread out grazing
  • you get less bunching up
  • you get less heat stress
  • you get better utilization of your land base.

Save every bit of profit you can in the ranching business instead of seeing it getting stolen away by pesky flies.

Insist on the Riomax IGR tubs this summer.

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Low, Consistent Intakes

Consistent intakes are extremely important for ranchers as they manage their mineral programs through the summer. With the Riomax summer program, we ensure not only no wastage, but we ensure low consistent intakes every day, rather then the peaks and valleys that we experience with other mineral options.

Low consistent intakes ensure that we are delivering a consistence supply of nutrients to that mother cow and the calf. In delivering consistent intakes every day, we impact the following:

  • cow performance
  • conception rates
  • getting mineral into the blood,
  • fetal development
  • fetal programing
  • milk production
  • weight gain on the calf
  • pink eye
  • foot rot

What does that mean for you? That mean that low consistent intakes equal higher performance and higher profits. Putting mineral out in the summer is many times overlooked by ranchers and yet we can’t stress enough the importance of good mineral supplementation on a consistent basis through the summer while the calf is at side, while the cow is getting bred and while the fetus is developing.

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