So yeah, what does Riomax® even cost?

Yes - good question. Glad to help!

First off - just a little about Riomax® that you may not already know...

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Low Consumption
  • Low Cost To Feed (per head per day)
  • All-Natural
  • Nutrizorb® Digestion Pack
  • Esqort® Mineral Technology
  • Backed up by our COSTGUARD® Consumption Guarantee

Riomax® is hard to put a price on because there is a lot of variations and different sizes, different packaging, USA to Canada. Let's open this up and give you an idea at least. First; we'll tell you upfront that Riomax® is going to cost you between two to three times the price of competitor products.

What we focus on, is bringing that cost per head per day down.  Up front Riomax is two to three times the price, but because it is so concentrated it has a lower consumption.  The consumption has a guarantee on it so there is no risk.  Your cost is roughly between 19¢ and 50¢ per head per day (with the exchange rate, that's about 24¢ to 65¢ in Canada).  That is quite a range and that is before any discounts.  That is US pricing.  To make it clear that it is 1/8 to 1/3 lb consumption.  So, you are looking at a range of 19¢ to 50¢.

Why does consumption vary and when does it vary?

Cows will self-regulate on Riomax® so if the grass is really good, they will eat proportionately less.  If the grass is really poor, they will eat proportionately more.  Cows have learned to self-regulate naturally.  (Why can't humans get that figured out?!?)  What we see is a consumption of 1/8lb to 1/3lb with 1/3lb being your ceiling that is where the COSTGUARD® consumption guarantee kicks in.  That takes the risk off of your shoulders.

Where we have ranchers that use Riomax® year-round, they will typically see an average consumption for the year close to the low side. This means year-round users see closer to the 19¢, which is consumption of 1/8 lb.  What they are seeing is those cows self-regulating because they are on a consistent plane of nutrition, they don’t have the peaks and valleys like they would if you only feed for a few months and take them off again.

OK, now take a couple minutes to fill out this form and one of our Customer Care Team members will get back to you to understand your needs and challenges, what you're trying to get done, what your conditions are etc. so we can then make a sound recommendation based on what your actual needs are.

As one Rancher from Philipsburg, MT said: "Riomax® is only expensive if you don't know how to do math."

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