Rancher Results

Read these case studies which show how using Riomax® as a tool helps put you in the driver's seat to make a positive impact on your community, family and the cattle industry.  Follow Shane, Tom and Chad on their journey with Riomax®.

Shane Keller rancher from Nebraska Riomax customer case study results

Shane Keller
Valentine, NE
450 Mother Cows
Riomax® Customer Since 2014


Tom Schnabel
Eureka, SD
625 Mother Cows
Riomax® Customer Since 2014


Chad Sears
Newcastle, WY
550 Mother Cows
Riomax® Customer Since 2012


Rio Wishard
Trail, MN
300 Mother Cows & 20 Bulls
Riomax® Customer Since 2013

Larry Chamberlain
Douglas, WY
250 Mother Cows
Riomax® Customer Since 2012

Mike Stark
Baker, MT
691 Mother Cows
Riomax® Customer Since 2016

Ready to join thousands of ranchers who have already positively impacted their forage utilization, fertility and weaning weights?

Move the needle with Riomax®

P.S. If you aren't utilizing your land base, impacting reproductive performance, stretching your forages and minimizing vet bills, then you are just plain eroding your already slim margins.  Riomax® is a tool that you can add to your operation that can help you navigate your way to better margins.  We designed this max nutrition, max digestion tool, Riomax®, for progressive medium to large ranches who were frustrated with the system.  We believe no progressive rancher should have to put up with such uncertain margins for as much blood sweat and tears as you put into it.  That's why we are here to help.  Call us at 888-762-3299 to see if Riomax® is a fit for your ranching operation.