Riogrande™ is so much more than just a loose mineral.  It’s powerful … it’s V12!

V12 Balancer Mineral™

  • Includes Nutrizorb® a Multi-Component Digestion Package
  • Bolstered levels of minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins
  • Designed to be fed with distillers
  • Strong focus on quality of minerals and their digestibility
  • Includes Esqort® 100% Protected Trace Minerals – using the latest technology to get the trace minerals to where they need to go – the small intestine
  • High Calcium/Low Phos
  • Includes Thiamin
  • Includes Sel-Plex organic selenium

V12 Balancer Mineral™ delivers the following benefits

  • Complete vitamin mineral package
  • High levels of Q-Zorb™, highly digestible trace mineral
  • High levels of Vitamin A, D, & E
  • Nutrizorb®, our digestion-aid pack to boost digestion & help the cattle get more nutritional “mileage” out of their diet
  • Riomune® yeast for improved gut-health and overall health status

Facts and Figures:

  • Due to the high concentration, one ton of Riogrande™ Balancer loose mineral will deliver 16,000 feedings


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