Range Rocket Lick Sled

Range Rocket 250It’s here – the new easy-move lick sled!

You asked; and we listened … we have developed the original lick sled; the Range Rocket™! It’s The Original Lick Sled™ … a ‘Riomax tub’ poured directly into a sled. Available exclusively at Rio Nutrition.

Why a Range Rocket™? Use the The Original Lick Sled™ for rotational grazing and for grazing management for hard-to-get-to places. The lick sled can be used year-round in a wide variety of applications – range, mountains, sandy terrain. While the RangeRocket is used mostly for range cattle, it is also ideal for sheep and goats due to it’s low-profile design. This all-new lick sled is a drag ‘n drop option and gives you the convenience of no lifting and no wastage.

Here’s what one rancher from Valentine, NE said:
“The cows are scattered over 1000 acres, I told my boy to move the sleds (Range Rockets™) out to them hills because the cattle weren’t going to them hills, so he did, and yesterday I drove by and sure enough, a bunch of them cows had moved out into them hills…”

And another rancher from Faith, SD said:
“I love these Range Rockets™! I can drag them about 4 miles and I don’t have to pick them up!”

Sled Hitch Image

More key benefits:

  • 2 times the surface area for more availability and less logistics/labor
  • No need to lug, lift or roll heavy tubs
  • Easy to move with cattle

Call today to learn more about this all-new Range Rocket™ Lick Sled: 888-762-3299!

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