Our Mission, Vision, Core Values

Company Mission

To continually build a stronger business culture that offers superior value to our clients, empowers our workforce and benefits our community.

Company Vision

To understand ranchers in view of helping them achieve their goals.

Company Core Values

  1. Have a can-do attitude 
  2. Embrace continuous improvement 
  3. Be real
  4. Play as a team
  5. Be Passionate and career driven
  6. Deliver the WOW experience
  7. Be accountable
  8. Build open and honest relationships with communication 
  9. Always be humble 
  10. Celebrate wins

What these Core Values Mean

  1. Have a can-do attitude

The lenses through which you look at life determine what life will be. Having a positive mental attitude is essential in staying resilient and optimistic, as well as being a valuable team player with the “it can be done” frame of mind. Great team players avoid negative or toxic interactions while always contributing to a warm, upbeat atmosphere.

  1. Embrace continuous improvement

As humans we naturally do not embrace change, yet we know change is inevitable. We cannot ever become comfortable with the status quo. If we do not embrace change and indeed the culture of continuous improvement, we are at risk of being out-paced by our competitors as well as the            ever-evolving world we live and work in. Part of continuous improvement is the fact that we promote the sense of liberty to think outside the box and to not be afraid of making mistakes as long as we can use them as stepping stones towards advancement and forward movement.

  1. Be real

We know that people function best when they can just be themselves. And simply put, that’s what we want for every team player, the freedom to be real, to be authentic, to actually be themselves. We believe in providing a work environment that optimizes individuality and allows each employee to express their true personality.

  1. Play as a team

Great teams are not comprised of prima donnas or one-man bands. We encourage people to engage passionately together in the pursuit of a common goal, where individuals can feed off each other’s energy and play in harmony with each other. What this promotes more than team synergy – it stimulates a family spirit where we work hard, watch out for each other and trust each other.

  1. Be Passionate and career driven

Passion, including a deep belief in what we are doing, and where we are going, separates people from just a “job” to something far beyond…a career path. Passion is the fuel that drives our people every day to be part of something greater than they are themselves. We realize that inside every employee is more potential than he or she even realizes, and we see people not merely for what they are today, but for what they can become.

  1. Deliver the WOW experience

Living and breathing the WOW is all about making an emotional impact on the receiver, through differentiating yourself, going above and beyond what’s expected. Always keep in mind, “good” is the enemy of “great”.  We as a company are not average, the whole experience is not average, and we certainly don’t want our people to be average. We expect every employee to deliver the WOW experience.

  1. Be accountable

We promote a high level of awareness around simply being accountable, to your team, to the organization, but most importantly to yourself. This includes being passionate to the “why”  – the very reason that Rio exists as a company, the very purpose that drives us as a part of the industry we are in. It includes being responsible, paying attention to detail, and striving to do it right the first time.

  1. Build open and honest relationships with communication

We are always fostering relationships that engender trust and faith in one another – whether it is         co-workers, customers, management or suppliers. Key building blocks for strong relationships include integrity, compassion, respect and loyalty. Keeping communication channels open is foundational to any relationship.

  1. Always be humble

As being truly grateful for blessings and appreciative of past success and growth, we as an organization can but carry a sense of humility about us, with deep respect for our great mentors and advisors and a knowledge that there will always be challenges ahead. We believe pride is destructive to relationships and is distasteful to the organization.

  1. Celebrate wins

Great teams live to win. Whatever role you are involved in or wherever you fit into the organization, great players view their roles as a part of a big game, and more importantly a winnable game! As part of the sheer enjoyment of the game, winners always find reasons to celebrate wins. Celebrating generates energy which in turn is the fuel of future successes. The result is an energized, passionate team which is living to win!