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With the tougher markets as we come into fall, we at Rio Nutrition just want to say we are in this with you. We hear you and feel your pain. Being able to weather the cycles, survive times of drought, shine through times of extreme moisture and the poor-quality forages that it brings…these are all key to a sustainable cow-calf business.

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With the current markets, we felt we needed to do something for you. Sure, it’s not a lot but we felt that we could temporarily offer a discount to ease your pain rather than offering a cheaper, watered-down, less effective program. It cannot be argued that through times like this is when you need the optimum performance out of your herd. When we consider the option of launching a cheaper, lesser quality product to boost sales through tough times, we shudder.  Yes, while it would certainly look better upfront, it would not be fueling the results that drive ranch profitability.  Needless to say, we are rancher-centric and results-driven. It governs every decision we make and gives us clarity of direction…we can never forget who we serve…that is the rancher.

We are rolling out the Rancher Relief Rebate, offering $40 per ton rebate on every ton of product ordered through November 30th 2019. If you order five ton or more that automatically increases your rebate amount to $70/ton. This offer cannot be “double-stacked” with previous promotions. We encourage you to take advantage of this rebate to help you get your hands on a solid mineral and digestion program.

From the owners of Rio Nutrition, we sincerely want to help you. The rebate alone is not what’s going to help you drive your true profitability and sustainability. The true relief, far more than the discount we are offering is the money we can either save you or make you.  Where we see the biggest impact is where the amount of hay or grain saved as a result of being on the Riomax® program OFFSETS the daily cost of the Riomax® program. Where we can make you money is on increasing conception rates, getting more bred in the first cycle, healthier calves and increased weaning weights on those calves!

Duane Paskewitz and Trevor Greenfield along with our valued team at Rio Nutrition are here to let you know we truly care and to extend to you our offer of relief this season.

Rancher Relief. Tough Times. Get Relief.Click Here