Riomune Yeast

Riomune 5-Component YeastRiomune is a 5-component yeast, which we include in every Riomax lick tub and Riogrande loose mineral formula in our range.  The key reasons that this is included in all our products are as follows:

  •    Improved nutrient digestion & milk production
  •    Ties up and flushes out bacteria
  •    Prevents protozoa attachment in the gut
  •    Prevents scours
  •    Enhances immune function
  •    Binds toxins

This product includes MOS, but is far more than just MOS. With 5-components it cuts a swath far wider than just straight MOS.


  •    Ties up & flushes out bacteria
  •    Enhances immunity
  •    Includes MOS
  •    Included in every Riomax and Riogrande formula

CLICK HERE to view the Riomune Yeast Video!

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