Q-Zorb Chelates

Q-zorb chelated trace mineral

The Q-Zorb™ component of Esqort™ Trace Mineral Technology offers a unique edge with a multi-bond chelation (rather than a single bond chelation which is the industry standard).  These multi-bonds give the trace mineral a strong protection from antagonists in the rumen environment, giving them the ‘body-guards’ or ‘escort’ they need to get them safely to the absorption site – the small intestine, and into the blood.


  • Multi-bond chelate
  • Strong protection to withstand antagonists
  • Engineered to get to the absorption site and into the blood

This product is included in every Riomax lick tub and Riogrande loose mineral formula.

For more information to help you understand how the chelation process helps performance – call 507-762-3299 and ask about Q-ZORB™.

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