How Riomax® Works

Included in every formula are two key components that set us apart from others. They are Esqort® and Nutrizorb®.

Rio Nutrition Winning Combination


Esqort® protects 100% of trace minerals to help ensure all of the nutrients get into the bloodstream - unlike others that don't.

Nutrizorb®  A multi-component digestive pack helps cattle absorb far more nutrients than those with just one component. Cows pull more protein out of their feed.


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Included in every formula, Esqort® is Rio Nutrition’s blend of 100% protected trace minerals. A combination of copper, manganese and zinc.

This synergy of multi-bond chelates and crystal trace minerals simply means:

  • The trace minerals are 100% protected in all of the Riomax formulas.
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What does 100% protected mean?

The trace minerals are “escorted” through the rumen, protected from any tie-up or antagonistic effect.

Then they get into the small intestine, where they are then absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.


*Product availability and formulation may differ in Canada due to CFIA regulations. Please contact our customer care team to get specific information at 888-762-3299.



Included in every formula, Nutrizorb® is a multi-component digestion powerhouse made up of a combination of yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and FungiFuel™.

What does Nutrizorb® do?

It helps that cow to better utilize the diet by simply extracting more energy, protein and nutrients out of the forages, squeezing more out of every mouthful.

How do you know this works?

The study done at the University of Minnesota proved it increases the TDN of the forage substantially, and hence helps ranchers to get more mileage out of their existing resources. Ranchers across the US and Canada have provided feedback on the success of this by saving on hay, stretching pastures and weight gain on calves.

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Protein is certainly a needed component in diets throughout the year, we are not here to dispute that fact. What we are saying is that with the IST (Indirect Supplementation Technology™) we do protein…differently.

IST is a fundamentally different approach to the traditional, mainstream direct-fed supplements out there. It is better optimizing or squeezing more out of every mouthful, every acre, every bale, every cow, every day. This is a method that is not generally promoted by mainstream supplement/tub companies.  We don’t just feed the cow, we also feed the bugs that feed the cow.

IST is disrupting the supplementation industry IN THE FAVOR OF THE RANCHER!
IST helps lower your input costs, increase your efficiency and help boost the profitability of your ranching operation.

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