Q: Is Riomax®  a protein tub?

A: There is some protein in the Riomax® tubs.  However, protein never has been and never will be the reason Riomax® works!  Every Riomax® tub includes minerals, vitamins, trace minerals, Esqort® protected trace minerals and Nutrizorb® feed additive to increase feed conversion rates and improve overall gut health.

Q:  Is there protein in Riomax® tubs?  

A:  Yes, some.  There are molasses and plant protein products used in the base mix which provide a very small amount of protein.

Q:  How much protein do they get out of the Riomax® tubs?  

A:  While it is not a specified amount, they do get a small amount from the molasses and plant protein products.  More importantly, the Riomax® tub with Esqort® and Nutrizorb® helps the animal use the existing diet better.  Riomax® doesn't feed the cow...it feeds the bugs that feed the cow!

Q:  Is there enough protein in the Riomax® tubs for my cows?

A:  No.  Cows require around 1-4 lbs of protein per day depending on the stage of gestation, genetics, body weight, DM feed intake, etc.  Typically the most cost-effective way to provide this is having feed with some protein in it and using the Riomax® tub with Nutrizorb® to help the cow utilize the feed.

Q:  Is it cost-effective to use a lick tub as the primary source of protein?

A:  No.  For example, if a cow needing 3 lbs of protein was fed a 30% protein tub as her only source of protein, she would need to eat around 10 lbs/day of the tub to meet that need.  If the tub costs $.50 cents/lb, this would be excessively costly at $5/cow/day!  Nobody feeds 10 lbs/hd/day of a protein tub even on very poor feed.  This means most of the protein needs are getting met from the protein in the feed...even low-quality feed!  Riomax® can help unlock the nutrition in this feed.

Q: Why does every Riomax® tub include expensive "chelated" trace minerals?

A: Firstly, we use 100% protected trace minerals which included chelates and crystal minerals, which is quite different from the industry standard of 25% - 33% inclusion of protected trace minerals. Furthermore, the protected trace minerals are designed to actually get into the blood - which is where they need to be! So really a mineral that is cheap and un-protected, which never does get into the blood, is the most expensive mineral you can buy!

Q: Why does Riomax® always talk digestion?

A: We are all about helping ranchers simply get more out of what they already have, by using products which give you more leverage to simply optimize nutrient uptake. The more you can get out of your feed, the more efficient your livestock will be. The more efficient your livestock, the more profitable your ranching business.

Q: Riomax® is the highest cost per ton.  How can they be affordable?

A: Riomax Tubs are concentrated, with a low consumption by design. The low consumption, which is guaranteed by the COSTGUARD® program, ensures that Riomax® is the most cost-effective tub program!

Q: How do I get the product way out onto my ranch?

A: We are in the process of making the transition to work through dealers. We would like for you to give us a call to find your closest dealer. If we don't have one close to your location, we'll work direct with you to offer you the LocalShip program.

 Q: Do you really guarantee the consumption on my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: YES – Definitely! This is covered by our COSTGUARD® Program. Click here to learn more!

 Q: How do you guarantee the consumption on my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: If the intake on the Riomax® lick tubs is higher than the specified amount on the tag, we will provide you with free product to compensate for the over consumption. This is subject to using the product according to the user's guide, which you receive with every delivery of tubs.

 Q: How do you control the consumption on my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: Riomax® Lick tubs are widely known for the outstanding control on consumption! A few factors that contribute to the controlled intake are …

1. Mineral Density – Riomax® tubs are extremely concentrated - loaded with very high levels of minerals, protected trace minerals and vitamins. This makes for a very mineral-dense block over against a soft, high consumption tub.

2. Bioavailability – Because of the 100% protected trace minerals, and vitamins; livestock do not have to consume very much to meet their requirements. Protected Trace minerals are far more available to the bloodstream.

3. Improved Digestion – Nutrizorb® - our digestion enhancer package is added to every Riomax® lick tub to improve digestion and utilization of the animal’s diet. This creates less demand on the tubs. The more nutrition an animal can capture out of their existing diet, the less they depend on the supplement.

Q: What is Nutrizorb®?

A: Nutrizorb® is a powerful synergy of Riomune® yeast, enzymes, probiotics and FungiFuel™. This enables your livestock to get more nutritional “mileage” out of your existing forages.

 Q: Why should I buy from you – I don’t even live in the same state as you!

A: We understand your feelings, however we treat ranchers across the United States and Canada as neighbors! As a family business we love to earn your business, wherever you are located.

 Q: How do I get my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: We are in the process of making the transition to work through dealers. We would like for you to give us a call to find your closest dealer. If we don't have one close to your location, we'll work direct with you to offer you the LocalShip program.

 Q: Where’s my nearest dealer?

A: Click "Find a Dealer" on the top of our website to find the closest dealer near you.

 Q: What’s Envirotub™ made out of?

A: The Envirotub™ is made out of an egg-carton like material that is fully biodegradable. This is composed out of cellulose combined with a food grade resin. It is edible for livestock and is totally environmentally friendly.

 Q: Do I need to feed mineral with my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: The Riomax® lick tubs contain a complete mineral, vitamin and trace mineral package so feeding additional mineral is typically not necessary.  However, we do recommend feeding salt-free choice at all times.


Q: Why should I feed salt with my Riomax® lick tubs?

A: You should feed salt with your tubs because we do not add salt to the formula - we believe in feeding free choice salt in view of meeting the demands of the cattle.

 Q: Where all do you sell Riomax® lick tubs?

A: We sell Riomax® lick tubs across the United States and Canada.

 Q: Are Riomax® lick tubs OK for my horses?

A: Yes the lick tubs are safe for horses – they are all-natural tubs and do not contain urea. We do not guarantee consumption on Riomax® lick tubs with horses.

 Q: Can I use Riomax® lick tubs in my feedlot?

A: Yes, Riomax® tubs can be used in feedlots; contact us to learn more about specific formulas designed for feedlot usage.

 Q: Do your Riomax® lick tubs qualify for my all-natural program?

A: Yes, these Riomax® lick tubs qualify for all-natural programs.  However, we recommend verifying this with your particular program.

 Q: What’s different about these Riomax® lick tubs?

A: Riomax® is a whole different animal. It's a highly concentrated, low consumption, max digestion, max nutrition product that you can use as a tool to navigate your way to better margins.

 Q: How many Riomax® lick tubs do I put out?

A: One (1) Riomax® lick tub to 50 head is the rule of thumb.  See our User’s Guide for further tips.

 Q: Do I feed Riomax® lick tubs year around?

A: Yes, the Riomax360™ program is designed to be fed year-round!  Many producers feed Riomax® year-round yet some only feed it at specific times of the year. Since the producers that see the best results are the ones that feed it the most, we strongly recommend feeding it continuously if possible. Call to talk to your consultant to see what is recommended for you!

 Q: Are these tubs organic?

A: No, these lick tubs are not organic but the Riomax® lick tubs are all-natural.

 Q: How does figuring out my cost per head per day vs. cost per ton help me see my true mineral cost?

A: You want to figure your true cost – this is where “the rubber meets the road”.  This is the cost to feed.  Reach out to our area reps to help calculate your true cost.

Q: Why should my mineral/tubs contain chelated minerals?

A: Quality chelated (or protected) trace minerals are important because they are up to three times more digestible and are more cost-effective than oxides/sulfates. All Riomax® products are 100% protected to give the mineral the highest possible chance of getting into the bloodstream.

Q: Why should I worry about digestion benefits from my supplements?

A: Using supplements that have digestion benefits gives you more leverage to simply get more out of your forages.  The more you can get out of your feed, the more efficient your livestock will be. Your cheapest source of protein and energy is what you have on the ranch.

Q: Should I get my mineral locally?

A: While supporting local business is important, don’t forget to support your own business!  Look out for the products that can make the biggest impact on your profitability. The sustainability of your ranching business is your first priority. With that in mind, you can then support your local community.

Q: Why should I buy tubs that have guaranteed consumption?

A: Buying tubs with guaranteed consumption puts a cap on your cost.  If your livestock overconsumes, the cost is covered by your supplier – not you! This eliminates surprises, takes the risk off your shoulders and allows you to budget your supplement costs.

Q: Should I consider using a biodegradable tub?

A: A biodegradable tub is great for ranchers that don't want to be running around the country picking up empties, and are useful in situations where it is hard to collect empty tubs – such as a large pasture.  Biodegradable tubs are eaten with the contents of the tub; leaving only a circle of biodegradable material on the ground - which in many instances is also consumed by the cattle.

Q: Do I need to feed salt with my lick tubs?

A: Yes, only if there is not salt included in the tub, as in the case of Riomax®.

Q: Should I use lick tubs in my all-natural program?

A: Certainly!  Ask for the Nutrizorb® digestion tool to help capture more out of the forages.

Q: There are so many different types of mineral – what is best for me?

A: Your best option is a concentrated, highly digestible mineral with a low cost per head per day

 Q: Why are some tubs three (3) times less money than others?  I am buying the same amount of product – it doesn’t make sense!

 A: This is a common question.  Not all tubs are created equal, with some like the Riomax® being far more concentrated than competitor products. The main focus is on performance and results. Also, look at the suggested feeding rate. Based on that, figure out your cost per head per day – this is your common denominator.  Then take it a step further and ensure the consumption is guaranteed.  This will give you your best cost and your true cost, with no strings attached.