Coming from 2014, we saw some of the best margins ever in the cow/calf business. We are now faced with reality the market trending down.

As the cow/calf industry is being challenged with lower margins and tough conditions, the Rio Nutrition team is answering rancher’s questions about how our products can help.

Can the Rio Nutrition Products Really Affect the Profitability of My Ranch?

Cow-Calf MarginsThat’s a valid question that we expect from ranchers…and here’s our best answer. The simple response is, YES. Let us explain. Strategically, our products can help. It’s not a magic bullet or a quick click of a finger; it’s about building a sound foundation.

We feel our product results are communicated best through the words of our customers. The Rio Team received this testimonial only three days ago from a rancher with a herd of about 300 cows.

“These tubs have affected the weight of my calves, condition of my cows and breed back. Ranchers can’t afford NOT to feed it!”

What Can I Do to Lessen the Impact of the Market & Increase My Margins?

We want to help ensure that ranchers “hang in there” through this cycle which we all know is typical to the industry. Let’s refer back to the satisfied customer quoted above. He talked about three real, tangible results.

1.       Weight of calves – Our Nutrizorb Digestion Enhancer helps calves better utilize their diet. More marketable pounds per calf equal more margins per calf.

2.       Condition of cowsCows in good condition through the winter results in calving success, better breeding and healthier calves. Getting more out of your forages using the Rio tubs does, in effect, make you money. ( )

3.       Breed back – The most measurable of all the results. Breed back is obviously a huge factor in impacting profitability. More calves on the ground equals more marketable calf pounds per year.

Small Changes Can Positively Impact Your Profitability

So, in these tough times with lower margins, it is our desire to give our rancher partners fresh hope with these ideas that really work. Again, it’s not magic…it’s just common sense.

Our passion is working with ranchers across North America and helping them make small changes that can positively impact their profitability.

We’re real people who want to give you the help you need during these tough times. Reach out to the Rio team – just give us a holler or visit our website. Call or text at 888-762-3299 or…if you’d rather, simply fill out our online form.