Every Riomax® lick tub comes with the COSTGUARD® consumption guarantee. By guaranteeing the consumption rate on the Riomax® lick tubes, it gives you complete peace of mind and enables you to forecast your actual input costs. If the situation was such that consumption on the lick tubs was higher than the guarantee, we will provide you with FREE product to compensate the overconsumption. It's simple...and the risk is off your shoulders.

“If they say it's going to cost 13 cents – it will cost you 13 cents”

– Rancher Comment from Wyoming

“Consumption on these..what they say is where they stay”
– Rancher Comment from South Dakota

Have you ever had consumption issues on lick tubs?  Interested in learning more about our program?  It's easy..fill out the form on this page or call 888-762-3299 to get in touch with a Riomax® customer care team member.