Ready for calving success this season on your ranch?  Here’s a few tips on how providing good nutrition helps with a successful calving season.

Don’t you sometimes wonder if this is what a brand new calf thinks?  After being in the mother cow for 9 months, utilizing nutrition through the mother’s blood, and staying within a safe, cozy environment, calves need an energy burst to begin their life and get up and suck. This is a combination of the calf’s desire to live and the mother’s instinct to preserve life. This is a drastic change in circumstances. They have approximately 24 hours to set the stage for their own immune system by utilizing the colostrum and getting the antibodies they need.

As soon as the calf hits the ground it is exposed to disease challenges everywhere in its surroundings. In the first few days it doesn’t have a massive affect. However, after 3-4 days the calf is depending on its own immune system to help fight off bacteria and viruses.  Having a good nutrition baseline received from mama, gives them the best chance to succeed.

Prime mama cow up for calving, cleaning and breeding.  It’s important to have cows that are in good body condition and are not nutrient-deficient at this critical time.  As a result, they tend to lick the calf and encourage the little guy to get up and go.

Riomax can help you get the calving season you deserve by making calving a success. Doing business with us is simple; first call us to see if it’s a fit, then product is delivered direct to your door.  Finally; we provide ongoing support and a consumption guarantee.

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