Calving Season

As we write this blog, calving season is in full swing.  And for the most part, the weather has been favorable for calving. This is an exciting and meaningful time for ranchers.

Meaningful in terms of ensuring a healthy, feisty calf. A calf that after hitting the ground, quickly bounces up and is ready to suck.  A mama cow that calves and then cleans well is on the road to getting re-breed.

The concept is simple but so fundamental for ranching operations across North America. At Rio Nutrition, we’re all about making small tweaks, changes, improvements that help ranchers increase profitability and improve their bottom line.

What is a Healthy Calf Worth?

Calving Season On one hand, we keep hearing, “markets are not what they were last year”. Fair enough! But on the other hand, that increases the importance of having healthy calves. Calves which get that important colostrum from mama cow will be in better condition and pack on more pounds, resulting in a bigger check come Fall. That’s what we want, right?

Here is some recent feedback from ranchers using Rio products:

“These Riomax tubs have really helped us keep these heifers calving, cleaning and it helps us to get a lot more re-bred.” – Arthur, NE

“With Riomax these calves are very vigorous. Getting up and getting going like never before! They are born and jump up and suck!”  – Theodore, SK

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Sustainability in Ranching Operations

The success of your ranching operation should not be determined on margins alone. Let’s take a minute to focus on sustainability.  Sustainability is:

  • Getting more out of your resources: forages, land base, genetics…everything you have.
  • Getting more years out of your cows, avoiding selling open cows at the sale barn.
  • Keeping your herd producing at an optimal level.
  • Get More Out of Your Existing Resources With Nutrizorb

Rio Nutrition Takes Care of Ranchers

The Rio Team goes deeper than just peddling feed. We are passionate about helping progressive ranchers across North America achieve and improve sustainability on their ranch.

Taking care of today and taking care of tomorrow. It’s what we do! Reach out to the Rio team – just give us a holler or visit our website. Call or text at 888-762-3299 or…if you’d rather, simply fill out our online form.