This time of year, most ranching operations have cows in their third trimester before calving. This is a critical time in ensuring the health of the cows and, of course, the fetus. Invest in your 2016 calf crop by priming your cows now!


Rio 3TT - Third Trimester ProgramHealth Cow = Healthy Calf

The 3TT Program enables your cows to get the optimum amount of energy and protein out of all the forages they consume. Healthy cows are profitable cows.

It’s no surprise, nutrients have a much bigger impact on cows and calves when they are actually absorbed. The 3TT Program gets key minerals into the blood, positively influencing the health of the fetus in view of a strong calf come calving time.

Healthy cows pass on good antibodies to their calves, healthy calves are born in good condition in the spring and are quick to get up and suck. As one rancher described it, “It’s just like they’re mad…they get right up and suck.”

Good Calving = Good Breeding

Rio Nutrition’s 3TT Third Trimester Tub helps prime up your cows for calving, knowing that the next step is breeding.

Having more cows bred in the first heat cycle is huge! We are passionate about using solid, fundamental concepts to improve reproductive performance. With our trace mineral technology designed for 100% rumen bypass, we are setting the stage for more bred cows.

Rio 3TT Customer Comments

We can’t say enough about the merit or value of protected minerals reaching the blood stream in terms of improving calf/cow health and impacting reproductive performance. Neither can our customers, here are a few comments.

“Just preg checked the boy’s heifers and old cows – 100% bred! After we’d got done preg checking…boy looked up at me and said I hope you have ordered more Rio tubs.” ~ Rancher in Alberta

“Breed up was a spectacular 96%…normally around 90%. Couldn’t believe it!!” ~ Rancher in Wyoming

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Get in touch with one of our beef experts now! Simply call or text at 888-762-3299 or fill out our online form. We’ll be glad to have a worthwhile discussion at this most critical time…the third trimester. Talk soon!