Riomax® is still very much alive and moving forward through the COVID-19 crisis. Extended hours, creative ways to meet with ranchers and an always positive attitude are some of the ways we are dealing with current challenges.

Be sure to watch this video for a supply chain update and other important ways we are adapting to serve you, the rancher.  Some of these ways are:

  • Face to face interactions
  • Our quest to not let the level of service drop one iota
  • New COVID-19 hours 6:30am CST-9:00pm CST to enable you to meet with us virtually
  • Our listening ability to hear you, understand you and feel your pain

Now, more then ever, impacting your economic model is so essential.  When we are in a crisis like this; saving money, making money and running more efficiently is so so important.

We are looking to provide you with products that are a return on your investment; not just an expense.  Products that offset their own cost and drive your economic model.

Mostly, we want to tell you that we are here for you.  We've got your back.  And we aren't going anywhere.


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