The Rio Concept is very simple. The most realistic way to look at supplementation is cost per cow per day, or cost per cow per year. So with this in mind, and in our customers' best interests, we … [Continue Reading]

  • Backgrounding Calves?

    Focus on frame growth ... moderate gains ... low input costs. Our backgrounding programs are built around forage based diets. We have a lick tub and a loose mineral option, both with emphasis on … [Continue Reading]

    Backgrounding Calves?
  • A different way of feeding protein

    Using the powerful synergy of yeast, enzymes and probiotics, ranchers have been helped to see how they could save money by simply getting more out of the forages. Contact us today to find out how … [Continue Reading]

    A different way of feeding protein
  • Wean well with Protector XL

    Boost the immune system and stimulate appetite with a sound weaning tub to achieve the goal of every rancher: a healthy, hungry calf - up at the bunk. The careful selection of Riomune Yeast, … [Continue Reading]

    Wean well with Protector XL
  • Lowest total cost

    While many feed companies focus on cost per pound of feed, we view it from your side of the fence: that is cost to feed or "total cost". Reach out to us to see how we can lower your total … [Continue Reading]

    Lowest total cost
  • Nutrizorb

    Nutrizorb is a unique blend of key ingredients that aid in enhancing digestion and improving gut health in your cattle nutrition program. Nutrizorb 16-component digestion package is a powerful … [Continue Reading]

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What our customers say...

I can see a difference already. Before we got them on Riomax, the cattle were walking all the time, and now they are laying down in the day - act a lot more content - and it only took about 4 days...we could see changes start to happen after only 4 days.
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Nutrizorb Digestion Enhancer

Nutrizorb is a strong synergy of digestion enhancing tools. Nutrizorb includes a variety of prebiotic and probiotic strains, multiple enzymes and ...

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LocalShip Delivery System

Localship™ is a delivery program geared around ranchers across North America.  The program enables ranchers to get our tubs or ...

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CostGuard: Consumption Guarantee

Cost-Guard™ Consumption Guarantee is the rancher's friend in that it provides a risk-free, watertight cost protection to our customers.  It ...

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