• Breed up – a key measurable!

    Every year we look at our conception rates, with an outlook of “how many cows will I have to take to town” that is all too common. I will never forget the experience on a ranch in the Interlake … [Continue Reading]

    Breed up – a key measurable!
  • Start thinking fly control

    Flies rob the beef industry over eight hundred million dollars each year, negatively impacting performance, reproduction, milk production and eye health. We strongly believe in feed-through … [Continue Reading]

    Start thinking fly control
  • Yearling Programs – Prebook Now!

    Fight Footrot. Fight Pinkeye. Improve Gains. Utilize Forages. Stimulate Immune System. Our yearling programs - including lick tubs and loose mineral - focus on boosted zinc, boosted iodine … [Continue Reading]

    Yearling Programs – Prebook Now!
  • Grass Tetany

    Grass tetany, also known as grass staggers or wheat pasture poisoning occurs when the magnesium level in the blood falls below the critical level.  Grass that is susceptible to producing grass tetany … [Continue Reading]

    Grass Tetany
  • Calving tools to help …

      Get sound levels of minerals into the blood. Fight scours. Support vigorous, strong calves. Boost immune status. Lower your cost/hd/day. Reduce feed costs. Call us at … [Continue Reading]

    Calving tools to help …

What our customers say...

I can see a difference already. Before we got them on Riomax, the cattle were walking all the time, and now they are laying down in the day - act a lot more content - and it only took about 4 days...we could see changes start to happen after only 4 days.
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Like no other tub on earth

Riomax: The orange tub.  Protein, digestion, health, convenience and cost control come together in 'the tub that has it all'! PROTEIN: All Natural Protein DIGESTION: Yeast.  Enzymes.  Probiotics. HEALTH: Complete Chelated Mineral Pack CONVENIENCE: Free-on-ranch delivery and hands-on … [Read More...]

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